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Career Skills Investigation
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About the Program
Career Skills Investigation (a marketing program) is targeted to students with learning or physical disabilities. It is the objective of this program to promote educational and community opportunities. It provides the resources to learn and become productive members of our society.
CSI gives students the opportunity to learn marketing skills, while integrating high-tech equipment. Computers, printers, and software are used in the planning and operating of a store (Lobo-Mart), ordering inventory, and maintaining records. Digital cameras, movie camera, computers, projection system, and a poster maker are used for promotion. Students learn how to use an electronic cash register and calculators for servicing customer purchases. In lab, they also learn how to make jewelry and floral arrangements, which in turn are sold in the school store.
Students engage in hands-on experiences while working in the school store. They also experience real-world activities while selling their jewelry and flower arrangements at various local entities.
“It is such a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with the students in the CSI program each day. They come to me excited and with a desire to learn. I am so thankful for the chance to empower these young adults; to see them succeed. I think one of the most important accomplishments of our program is the awareness that our community now has for what these students are capable of accomplishing and how they can be productive as adults. Coshocton County and our Career Center working together have become proactive in meeting the needs of students with disabilities.”
~ Mrs. Sandy Hess
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As a student in the program, you will also have the chance to join and participate in Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). This involvement will give you an opportunity to improve your leadership and interpersonal skills and to compete in local, regional, state and national skills contests. 
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Mrs. Hess 
CSI Instructor 
Mrs. Sandy Hess has been employed by the Coshocton County Career Center since 1997. 
Mrs. Hess graduated from Malone College in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. In 1999, she completed her Vocational Education Certification at The Ohio State University. In February 1997, she was hired as a Business Marketing Careers Instructor. In 2009, she became the instructor for the new Career Skills Invetigation program.
Mrs. Hess is certified in Administrative Office Technology, Business Administration & Management, Marketing Management, and Marketing Technology.
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