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English Department
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English Department
Junior English -
This course is geared to the career/technical student who needs practical English skills to compete and succeed in the modern workforce. This course includes the study of short stories, drama, poetry, and novels. It is further designed to refine composition skills, develop literary analysis proficiency, and continue to develop vocabulary. Basic communication, research, and word processing skills are also incorporated.
Junior College Prep English-

This course is designed for the college-bound student. It includes the study of a variety of literary genres, including, short stories, drama, poetry, and novels. Advanced vocabulary and composition skills, including the writing of both descriptive and analytic essays, are stressed throughout the year. In addition, the study of persuasive documents and rhetorical devices is included in this course. Individual and group projects are incorporated. As a part of the final exam, students will select a novel to read from a predetermined list and complete a written analysis.

Junior Books

Project 17, a novel by Laurie Stolarz Our Town, a play by Thornton Wilder The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller Communications 2000 Nist, S. and Mohr, C. (2002). Advancing Vocabulary Skills (third edition). New Jersey: Townsend Press. *Other books, short stories, poems, etc. TBA

Senior English -
This course includes the study of short stories, drama, poetry, and novels. Continued improvement of vocabulary, composition, and communication skills is emphasized throughout the year. Career and technical writing as well as a continued study and application of research techniques are also emphasized in this course. Each student completes a research paper.
Senior College Prep English -

This course attempts to place the student as close to college standards as is possible in the high school setting. It includes a continued study of vocabulary, advanced composition skills, short stories, drama, poetry, and novels. Literary analysis demonstration is assessed through objective questioning, writing, and class discussion. Career and technical writing is also emphasized in this course. As a final exam, each student completes a research project related to his or her career/technical program. This project includes both a documented paper and a multimedia presentation.

Seniors in Honors English are required to prepare and present a Senior Project to their English teacher, Career Center staff members and other copmmunity leaders who serve on a judging panel. The topic of the presentation must be something that the student can personally relate to and one in which the student has a strong opinion or conviction. Frequently the topics chosen revolve around the student’s future career goals, philanthropic services in which they have been involved or an obstacle or challenge the student has overcome. In addition to a written paper, each senior must presents his/her topic in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, approximately 15 to 20 mintutes in length. The project is designed to show the students’ mastery over assimilating information and presenting it in a logical fashion, as well as their formal writing and public speaking skills. In making their presentation, they must also answer any questions posed by the judges in an effective manner.

Senior Books

Flachmann, K. (2011). Reading and Writing Paragraphs (5th edition). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Flachmann, K. (2011) Reading and Writing Essays (5th edition). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Technical Writing Nist, S. and Mohr, C. (2002). Advancing Vocabulary Skills (third edition). New Jersey: Townsend Press. A Separate Peace, a novel by John Knowles A Doll’s House, a play by Henrick Ibsen The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls *Other books, short stories, poems, etc. TBA ^ Junior and senior classes will also use the following classroom set of books: Elements of Language, Sixth Course. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

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Mrs. Smoulder
English Instructor

Mrs. Angie Smoulder has been employed as an English instructor at the Coshocton County Career Center since August 2003.

She graduated summa cum laude from West Liberty University in West Liberty, West Virginia, in 2003, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in English with a specialization in teaching Language Arts, grades 6-12. Currently, Mrs. Smoulder is working on completing her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Muskingum University.

Mrs. Smoulder has also served as the co-advisor of National Technical Honor Society’s local Career Center chapter for the last several years.

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