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Hello, this is Mr. D. from the career center calling with some very important information about your child's upcoming days.

Starting next Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the new semester will begin and your child has made it half way through the school year.  With the start of the new semester, we will no longer be following the hybrid rotation of school days, as both juniors and seniors will now be in attendance every school day we are in session Monday through Friday. So, all students will be expected to follow their schedule all five days a week. 

If you reapplied for remote academics through our staff by submitting your application last week, you will need to plan on being at school all day on Tuesday, or until you receive notification you were approved to continue half day remote with appropriate grades and attendance.  Unfortunately, we will not have this information until mid-day Tuesday once grades are posted for the nine weeks.

  Since we will be having over 250 students now in the building, it is so crucial, that every student bring their assigned chromebook, fully charged, with them each and every day they are in attendance.  We will not have enough extra for those who forget theirs at home, or do not have it charged. Parents, please help remind your student of this requirement.

As always, our district sincerely appreciates the support and patience of all students and parents.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by dialing 740-622-0211. Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of your three-day weekend.