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Student Coucil-sponsored Safe Prom activites underway
Early Childhood Education seniors Kaitlyn Haines (foreground) and Kensie Freshwater (behind) sign the SafeProm pledge banner. Their signatures, along with 162 other students’ signatures, indicate their pledge to keep clean and avoid risky behavior this prom season.

One hundred, sixty-two Career Center students made a pledge to remain clean, at their high school’s Prom, this year. This commitment was part of a school assembly, which took place on Tuesday, April 23, and kicked off the Career Center’s Safe Prom campaign.

Safe Prom is a nationwide campaign to encourage teens to remain drug and alcohol-free at this year’s Prom and prom-related activities. Safe Prom is jointly-sponsored by the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office and Coshocton County Farm Bureau. At the Career Center, the campaign was organized by Student Council officers.

Those students willing to make the pledge were asked to sign a commitment card. Each received an informational pamphlet and candy as a reward for their pledge. They were also invited to sign a large banner, which is prominently displayed along one of the main hallways inside the school.

The week concluded with crime scene chalk outlines, made with masking tape, on the floors throughout the school. The outlines of human bodies were meant to portray victims of accidents, which involved poor decision-making. Beside each scene, also on the floor, were descriptions of what took place and the damage and death that resulted. This pictorial display was meant to be a visual reminder of how bad decision-making
can result in devastating consequences.

Next week, activities will conclude with a ‘Grimm Reaper’ visitation to each career-tech program lab. The “reaper,” a hooded apparition dressed in black and carrying a sickle, will selected a student victim who will portray a prom-goer who made an unwise decision that cost his/her life, or who was a victim of another’s mistake. Each dearly departed victim will have their face painted white and will wear a placard which describes his/her death and its cause. Those individuals will be asked to remain silent the rest of the day. The enactment will be another serious reminder to students of the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances which impair good judgment.
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