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River View youngsters learn about careers through CCCC students
Kindergartener Carter Goodman prepares to examine the throat of a fellow classmate, while second-grader Wesley Anderson also takes a peek. Assisted by Coshocton County Career Center Health Technology ambassador Trisha White, also a River View student, the students learn how tongue-depressors and pen lights are used to help doctors and nurses see swollen tonsils and glands which might indicate that a patient is ill.

This week, Union Elementary kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders are exploring careers by learning about nurses, construction workers, welders, hair stylists, auto repair technicians, park rangers, computer technicians and police officers, by way of students studying these professions. Coshocton County Career Center ambassadors, representing eight of the school’s eleven programs are coming to Warsaw to share their experiences and read to the youngsters about certain careers. Each ambassador also shared tools or activities in which the youngsters could engage.

As part of CCCC’s Reading Buddies program, the six, seven and eight-year olds are touching, seeing, doing and understanding the duties and responsibilities of those who have these jobs in our community. “Union’s kindergarten through second grade teachers have designed “Career Week” in which students visit different career stations and read, talk and write about possible careers they might explore as they grow into young adults. The wonderful part of the CCCC’s Reading Buddies program is high school students are the facilitators. These high school students become the role models for our young students which really helps them make a connection between the real world and jobs and careers that are in that world,” says Sherri Lawrence, Union Elementary Principal.

By the time the effort concludes on Thursday, over 85 kindergarten through second grade students will have participated.
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