Student Ambassadors

What is a "Student Ambassador"?

Student ambassadors at the Coshocton County Career Center are junior and senior students who are selected to serve as ambassadors through an application and interview process. Most often, career-tech instructors nominate students to serve as ambassadors. Upon nomination, candidates for the ambassador program complete a student ambassador application and interview with a selection panel composed of Career Center administrative staff and community leaders, partners, and/or stakeholders.

Candidate interviews are scored using a rubric, for scoring to remain objective. Students who score highly on the rubric are then subject to an academic, attendance and disciplinary audit. Those who pass the audit are invited to serve as student ambassadors.

After the selection process, ambassadors receive concentrated training on the expectations of a student ambassador and on the purpose and mission of the Coshocton County Career Center. Following their training, ambassadors are responsible for serving as "spokespersons" for the Career Center by facilitating building tours for visitors to the Career Center and by participating in numerous activities to promote the Career Center and educate others about the value of a career-tech education.

Student ambassadors pride themselves in being knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders at the Career Center and within their community.

2014-2015 Student Ambassadors

The following Career Center students have been selected to serve as student ambassadors for the 2014-2015 school year:

Auto Technology: Cole Parks and Christian Redman

Building Trades: Amanda Hayes, Joey Sarchet and Tyler Wright

Career Skills Investigation: Logan Burkart and Brandon Corder

Cosmetology: Kathryn Chittum, Quynh Do and Randi Sampsel

Criminal Justice: Matt DelToro and Travis Vickers, Jr.

Culinary Arts: Kim Titus

Early Childhood Education: Abby Burchett

Electronics: Cody McVay, Sean Ondayko, Haydn Swartz and Dakota Walker

Health Technology: Amber Dillon

Metal Fabrication: Austin Brown and Destiny Daugherty

Natural Resources: Eric Maddux and Jacoby Spang